Novelty search

Introduction The Novelty Search Center of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Library is authorized as the Nanjing Branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine Document Information Retrieval Center by State Administration of Traditional Medicine in 1995. It mainly provides paid novelty search for teachers, graduate students who conduct TCM-related researches in our university and other units, and for scientific researchers from hospitals and drug manufacturers. The novelty search center is responsible for scientific research projects approval, authentication of original research results, featured document retrievals, selective dissemination of information (SDI), and novelty search of the thesis proposal for both master and doctoral students.

Please download and fill out relative documents if you need novelty search, and then mail it to 85811785@163.com with the theme of “the novelty search order of (your name)”. Please call 025 -85811785 to confirm the order.
order download for novelty search
order download for doctoral thesis proposal
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Address: Information Retrieval Center, Jingwen Library, Xianlin Campus, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Contacts: Hui-ping Yao
Tel: 025-85811785
E-mail: 85811785@163.com
Order process 一、Procedures
1. How: Fill in the novelty search order form. Please download from the library website, fill out relative form in detail as required, and then E-mail it to Information Retrieval Center. You can also fill out the order form online through library novelty search platform. Please contact the staff of the Center if there is any question.
2. The submitted order is valid only after the recognition of the Center.
3. After the recognition, please pay novelty search fees on site or send the fees to the Center. The search will start upon the day when fees received, from which search report begins. Please check charging standard on novelty search section of library website.
4. Please get the research report at the Center within required time. Credentials that match the identity on the order form should be presented.
1. The search takes a certain amount of time, even when urgent. Please take considerations and make arrangements in advance.
2. For others not mentioned, please consult the Center.
Instructions Novelty search is a precise sci-tech information research combining document retrieval with intelligence investigation. In order to ensure it is carried out in a scientific, objective, fair and accurate way, and safeguard the legitimate rights of relevant parties, the following should be noticed when order is made.
1. The client should be who in charge of the searched project, the principal member of the project, or who are so familiar with the technological content that can explain the technical points of the project.
2. The order form should be truthfully reflecting the technical background, the contents, results, and innovation of the project. The search for project approval requires application, research report, declaration form, and feasibility research report, etc. For authentication of original research results, it requires reports of development, technology, conclusion, experiment, test, product samples and feedback, etc.; keywords and papers published by members of the project team; and references.
3. Once the search contents are confirmed, change can’t be made freely. If the major technical index is to be revised or the innovation added, the search will be charged as a new project. The search report will begins upon the day when revision made.
4. Novelty search is a paid service and all the fees should be paid after the confirmation of the searched project. Recall of the report a year earlier will not be offered, and it can only be searched as a new report.
5. The report only has one original. Please inform in advance if one than one are needed.
6. The report takes ten workdays. If there are some festivals and holidays amid, it will be put off in turn. If urgent, please inform during registration.
7. The report can be questioned when issued, and improvements shall be made upon request. You may go to Room 305 of the library (the Information Retrieval Center) to complete relevant procedures, and mail the project materials and fees to the following address.
Address: NO.138, Xianlin Avenue, Xianlin university town, Nanjing
Postcode: 210023
Receiver: Song Yu from library of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Attention: Please fax the copy of bank-in slip so that search could be started in time. Instructions

Days of working Chinese novelty search(¥) Chinese and foreign languages novelty search(¥)
7 -10 days or more 500 800
Within 6 days 600 900
Within 5 days 650 1000
Within 4 days 700 1100
Within 3 days 800 1200
Within 2 days 1000 /
1 days 1200 /

1. For Chinese or double-language novelty search with multiple subjects (usually no more than 3), each additional subject will be charged 100 yuan (after agreement with the customer).
2. Once the novelty search starts, any addition or change of the contents will be considered as a supplemental search or a new order, which needs 40% -100% extra charge as appropriate.
3. The report requires extra 10 yuan if sent by registered or express mail, and extra 25 yuan by EMS. 4. Two copies of reports will be provided. Each additional copy will be charged with 10 yuan.

Charges for citation novelty search:
The basic fee is 200 yuan with the amount limited to 20 items. Each additional item requires extra 10 yuan.