Mobile library

The mobile library of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine integrates the library portal, news feeds, and links to major databases and collection cataloguing systems. Library resources are available for convenient use of real-time search, download and reading anytime and anywhere. Please contact the library Technology Department if any problems appear in using. The system will be constantly improved and updated according to your suggestions.
Tel.: 85811790
一、Functions 1. personal borrowing search
2. news of library and campus browsing
3. quick access to databases of Chinese and foreign documents
4. collection information search
二、How to use 1. Download Client”Njutcm Mobile Library”(南中医移动图书馆) in App Store, Google Play, Android Market, or GoMarket.
2. Scan two-dimensional codes to download.

Android 下载地址

IOS 下载地址

3. Help (download)
三、Notes The mobile library has no charges, but you need to bear the data fees caused by visiting the library by phones and other mobile terminals. You may consult your phone service provider about the fees.